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Joe Argazzi - Kindness in America
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Renewing Kindness in America

Renewing Kindness in America

The universe has been expanding and unfolding, becoming more and never less, since the beginning of time. Such is the nature of God and such is the nature of life. I promise you, no one person, or political party has the power to stop that which God has created, no matter how strong the rhetoric.

Granted, the old guard is having a tantrum. Makes perfect since as it’s fighting for it’s illusionary life. But ultimately it must make way for the new world that is seeking to emerge.

The miracle of birth is rarely attractive. It’s actually a divine dichotomy. It’s incredibly painful, messy, stress filled, and from what I can tell, downright agonizing.

My point is, the intensity and degree of darkness is directly proportional to the intensity and degree of light that is being birthed at this time on our planet. Hold on to that. Can you imagine how bright it’s going to be?

Remember the blade of grass finding its way through the concrete. Life will not be denied.

Stay awake, mindful and may we all practice forgiveness. Stay involved. See beyond the seeming appearance of discord or lack of any kind. God is not subject nor bound by elections. God is still and will always be, an ever expanding goodness. Eternal and unlimited with infinite possibilities.

We are being called to midwife the dawning of a new earth. The truth is rising, we are evolving and life is calling us to be our brightest, highest and best selves, now more than ever. This is how we renew kindness in America and throughout the world.