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Affirmation 10-19-2016


Life will not be denied.  No matter how profound the tragedy or difficult the circumstance and no matter how deep the pain, life will emerge, for that is it’s nature.  Even the most tender blade of grass will eventually make it’s way to the healing rays of the sun through cracks in a sidewalk.  My path may not always seem easy, but when I surrender to God, I allow the full power of the Creative Intelligence to illuminate my path. And now I know angels walk to my right and to my left, above and below me, in front of and behind me.  And God Himself will take my hand and lead the way.  I know that life can only become more and never less, for I am a part of this ever expanding good.  Simply, God is, I am.  Today I will be still and know who and who’s I am and that no matter what, Life will not be denied.  That is my declaration.

Love,  Joseph