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Affirmation 10-26-2016


Today is a day where all things are possible because LOVE is possible.  I know that my life circumstances are not a surprise to God.  This Loving Intelligence is working out everything for my highest good and the highest good of others.  There is a perfect timing that will be proved.  I lack for nothing  because God lacks for nothing. I listen with complete faith, and trust the voice of Love guiding me today.  I accept the abundance of good that flows to me.  And in return, I am loving and generous to others, knowing we are all connected. I do not limit my ability to experience and express love today, because in that connection, I realize that everyone is my Valentine and I am theirs! 

That is my declaration.
Love, Joseph

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Affirmation 10-25-2016


If we were honor everything that has helped us come into alignment with God, there would not be one experience, thought, or feeling for which we wouldn’t be greatful.  This is how wisdom allows us to see all things as God would have us see them.  As we cultivate a feeling tone of deep and abiding appreciation for all things, we will find ourselves in the land of miracles.  For real!  Today we step into a new way of seeing, of being, of knowing who and who’s we are.  And in doing so, we literally experience heaven on earth.  Today all things are made new.

That is my declaration. 

Love, Joseph

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Affirmation 10-24-2016


Today, doors will open wider than I ever thought possible.  I will be both surprised and delighted as I am a witness to all the good, all the love, and all of the beautiful forms of expression that God takes.  Today I will marvel at God’s creation found in every living thing, feeling my heart open in wonder and profound gratitude.   And I am soothed in knowing that God is everywhere in it’s splendor, of which I am a powerful, living reflection.  Today I am clear and steadfast in knowing that God alone is my source, my strength and supply. For today I choose to remember who and who’s I am.  

This is my declaration.

Love, Joseph

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Affirmation 10-23-2016


I declare that today is worthy of rejoicing in advance.  I call forth clarity, setting forth an intention to see this world as friendly, kind and thoughtful.  I choose this day to be full of unlimited possibilities, knowing that opportunities abound everywhere. I have complete access to dynamic intelligence, profound wisdom and any resource I may desire.  I let go of playing small and choose instead a stance of strength, power and conviction. Today I will see FROM the inspired vision I have for my life.  I will bask in the feeling as if it was already complete.  And in that high vibration, I will watch as the universe bends over backwards and literally rushes in to fulfill my vision. 

That is my declaration! 

Love, Joseph

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Affirmation 10-22-2016


I declare this day to be the best day of my life.  For on this morning I realize I am awake, that I am in fact alive and that happiness is a decision I get to make.  This morning I choose to see our world as beautiful, friendly and kind, filled with adventure and possibilities.  This is a day of gratitude.  I am so grateful for my very breath, knowing it is the breath of God breathing me as my heart beats perfectly and within it, understanding and compassion reside.  Irrespective of what anything may look like, I know and now declare that everything is working together for my highest good.  My faith is unrelenting and my conviction strong, knowing that all my needs are met in ways I cannot even see, For I know God Itself is my source and supply.  On this morning, I know that I am blessed with remarkable friendships and that I am loved in ways I cannot even begin to imagine.  Today I walk in gratitude.

That is my declaration.

Love, Joe : )

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Affirmation 10-21-2016

Today I declare that I am FREE, totally free to choose any thought or perspective I decide.  My power lies in the realization that I get to make that choice.  For as a man or woman thinks in their heart, so it becomes. I am not a victim of the world I see.  I take full responce-ability for my life, my thoughts and my actions. Today I choose to be flexible instead of rigid, teachable instead of arrogant.  Who knows what’s coming next…it’s like having a great big present waiting to be unwrapped!  This gift of a new day offers me a brand new world of unlimited possibilities just waiting to be explored.  Today I choose the healing and transformative power of love over fear, no matter the intensity of the circumstance or situation.  And within that choice lies my liberation and freedom.  Yes indeed, today I am free!

That is my declaration.

Love, Joseph

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Affirmation 10-20-2016

Today I am in acceptance of what is. I realize this is not resignation, but instead a powerful, non-resistant, high vibration of allowing. I will stop fighting or pushing against anyone or anything that feels like lack or limitation of any kind. I will not take a stand to defend, but I will take a stand for love. As I do this, my consciousness automatically raises into alignment with God consciousness. This is the birth place of new insights and new ideas, where solutions to problems and answers to questions now flow easily. I will focus my attention on the quality of God that is wanting to emerge through me.  Perhaps it is the quality of clarity, love, harmony or peace.  Perhaps it is a dynamic, creative impulse for a brand new vision wanting to express itself through me.  It is in this state of acceptance that I become an open channel for all that is good, allowing my blessings to flow unhindered to and through me. This is a powerful paradox. In my acceptance of what is, all things are made new.

That is my declaration.
Love,  Joseph

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Affirmation 10-19-2016


Life will not be denied.  No matter how profound the tragedy or difficult the circumstance and no matter how deep the pain, life will emerge, for that is it’s nature.  Even the most tender blade of grass will eventually make it’s way to the healing rays of the sun through cracks in a sidewalk.  My path may not always seem easy, but when I surrender to God, I allow the full power of the Creative Intelligence to illuminate my path. And now I know angels walk to my right and to my left, above and below me, in front of and behind me.  And God Himself will take my hand and lead the way.  I know that life can only become more and never less, for I am a part of this ever expanding good.  Simply, God is, I am.  Today I will be still and know who and who’s I am and that no matter what, Life will not be denied.  That is my declaration.

Love,  Joseph

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Affirmation 10-18-2016


The high vibration of love is the active energy of unity, it tells us that we are all connected, that we all belong to something greater than ourselves.  Everything Responds to love, because everything Is Love.  This is the “field of gold”…that place where we sit in harmonious joy with one another.  This is the “great room” where there is no more aloneness.  This is how Iowa was transformed into heaven… : )  Through the lens of unity, of oneness, every color takes on a deep, vivid texture with a vibrancy that appears to be from another dimension.  Music not only feels more alive and beautiful, but every note resonates with a healing tone that revitalizes my soul.  This is the frequency where miracles happen, and in an instant, earth is gloriously transformed into heaven. The seeming appearance of separation now dissolves and I am at one with all that I see.  I am now at peace, I am in the flow of grace, and I know that life is eternal.

This is my declaration.

Love, Joseph

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Affirmation 10-17-2017


Today I live on the verge of immense possibility.  The thing I seek most is to feel my alignment with God, to experience the resonance of this vast power flowing through me.  It is my deepest desire to know and do God’s will. If God is love, and “will” is thought, then today I call forth love as the inspiration for my actions.  I will take time and pause throughout this day to remember that God is the Source of my power, from which all possibilities flow.  When I am afraid or in the midst of doubt, confusion and uncertainty, I will remember that fear is simply an indication I am trying “to do” it on my own.  Fear will ultimately arise when I am see someone or something outside myself as the Source of my good.  The answers and solutions I seek, the peace and comfort I long for, will be revealed and given as I return home and come back into alignment with God.  And once again, I find myself in the land of immense possibility.
That is my declaration.

Love, Joseph : )