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Affirmation 10-16-2016


No matter what the challenge of yesterday, the truth will rise triumphant over it today.  For there is no yesterday, there is only the present and in this now moment, God transcends all seeming discourse.  No matter how dark it was, today I stand in Gods grace.  I am bathed in this golden light and irregardless of what my mind may want to say happened, my heart knows the Truth…that only Love is Real.  Today I will build my house upon this Truth.  I will create a foundation from the eternal qualities of God Itself.  The corner stones will be made of ageless wisdom and infinite intelligence, of divine beauty and unlimited creativity.  And I will allow God Itself to build the fame out of kindness and compassion, out of joy and love. I am surrendering to something far greater than I could have ever imagined on my own.  Yesterday has no power over me… it cannot hinder or hold me back in any way.  Today I begin again with the renewing of my mind as I come into alignment with the Great Architect, this all powerful, ever expanding good.  And in this now moment, my life begins again.

Love, Joseph  : )

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Affirmation 10-15-2016


Today I recognize that my breath, is the breath of God.  I cannot inhale for yesterday and I certainly cannot exhale for tomorrow. I can only take that holy breath right now. And when I am mindful, it has the power to bring me into the present moment.  My spiritual experience of God and love, of peace and clarity, of inspiration, creativity and laughter can only be in the here and now.  Usually my anxiety comes from worrying about the future and the flip side of depression is often found in the regret of yesterday.  It is always in the Holy Instant where liberation abides. And I claim my freedom now! With this breath, I recognize my freedom to let go of what others may think and make the decision to be true to my heart, to my calling and to God.  I allow others the dignity of their path, and hold sacred my own.  I now realize the eternal breath of God is breathing me, and in this beautiful moment, I feel my soul open up and begin to soar.  I invite you to take flight with me!
That is my declaration.
Love, Joseph : )

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Affirmation 10-14-2016


I love knowing that I am first and foremost a spiritual being and that I am a high vibration of pure, positive, creative energy.  I love knowing that I have come forth into this physical body as an extension of this loving Intelligence and that my nature is eternal and whole, born of an ever expanding good. I love knowing that every cell and fiber of my being radiates with vitality, strength, and optimal health.  I love that I feel vibrant, alive and eager for the day to come, knowing that it does so with ease and grace.  I love knowing that I am able to leave any difficult situation out of the equation and by the power of my decision and focus, experience joy and happiness   I love knowing there is an optimistic renewal within me, forging my path, allowing all that is good to flow easily to me without effort.  I love knowing that today can be the best day ever, filled with promise and new discoveries, with opportunities and insights.  I love knowing that God is ultimate manager, on the job, handling everything for everyones greatest and highest good, never for a moment looking the other way.  I love knowing that I am on an adventure with God.  That is my declaration.

Love,  Joseph

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Affirmation 10-13-2016

Today I move up from the minors and choose to play in the majors!  With God as the ultimate Head Coach, I practice the Presence of of Love, both on and off the field.  My daily calisthenics consist of meditation, prayer and gratitude. Each day my work out requires the study of history making play-books, reviewing game winning videos and listening to inspirational pep talks. No matter how difficult it is, or frustrating, I will choose to run the play of forgiveness. With the skill of unrelenting faith, I will look for the opening in every obstacle before me and I will not stop until I find it.  Through consistent practice and repetition, I will stay focused on what IS working and I will stand on the podium of joy, clarity & expansion, living a remarkable life of fulfillment and purpose.  I affirm all that is positive, all that is good and through my perseverance, action & demonstration, I will inspire my teammates to do the same. And have a heck of a lot of fun doing it!
That is my declaration.
Love, Joseph : )

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Affirmation 10-12-16


As I look to others with the intention of finding love, I will not look for the connection through their eyes, instead I will look for the connection through my eyes. There is a huge difference between someone loving me and being me who loves.  It is being me who loves, that brings me into alignment with God, the Source of all that is. Self love is not to be found in love of self, it will be in the discovery that Love IS self.  Often, the hardest person to love is that one I see reflected back in the mirror.  And my solution is to become the person that offers love.  When I do this, I can instantly feel it flowing through me. And boy oh boy, nothing feels better in all the universe than to love.  My nature is to be an open channel for loves expression, because that is who and what I am.  Just as the lamp needs electricity to light up the room, I need love to pour though me to illuminate the space where I stand.  This is what makes the ground that I am standing on Holy. Saint Francis said, seek to love rather than to be loved, seek to comfort rather than be comforted.  He understood the paradox that I get to keep what I give away.  Because in the final analysis, you are me. I may not have any power over who loves or withholds love from me, but I always have the power to make a choice to love.  And in doing so, I am making a choice for self love.
That is my declaration.

Love, Joseph 

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Affirmation 10-11-2016

Today I have found the face of God.  I discovered it’s reflection can be seen in the face of everyone I encounter. Even in the one which looks back in the mirror. I will silently acknowledge and salute the Christ Presence that lives within them.  I will call forth only what’s true and good and holy.  I will hold sacred their heart, and allow them the dignity of their journey, for I rest in knowing their destination is assured.  I will keep the high watch, calling on the One to protect, to guide, to inspire and sustain them.  I will remember the truth of who they are, irrespective of what the challenging situation or circumstance may look like.  I will stay resolved in the greater truth that their sprit cannot be hurt, harmed or endangered in any way.  I will remember that their nature is of an eternal, ever expanding good.  Today I will stand strong and resilient in knowing that God, the Love Itself is at the core of who and what they are. And in knowing this truth for them, I can know it for me, because we are all interconnected, a unique and beautiful expression of this great cosmic universe. Today I choose to see the face of God in all that I meet, and in doing so, I create heaven on earth. 

That is my declaration.

Love, Joe  : )

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Affirmation 10-10-2016

I cannot get it wrong because I cannot get it done.  Ultimately there is no finish line to cross, no final ending, no last chance to get it right.  Life is an everlasting, ever expanding good, a pure, positive energy, who’s very nature is to give rise to creation.  There will always be more. Because I am made in the image and likeness of this loving, dynamic intelligence, I too am eternal. I am a wonderful and unique expression of God, and I came forth to share my talents, gifts and love.  Birth is not a beginning but a continuation and death is not a ending but a continuation. I am now liberated to fully pursue my dreams and vision with complete abandon.  I am set free to fully praise and engage this amazing life. This is how I give thanks, celebrate, honor the presence of God.
That is my declaration.

Love, Joe : )

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Affirmation 10-9-2016

My goal today is to be on the brink of appreciation and I am setting an clear intention to maintain a mindset of hopefulness.  I want my attitude to be one of optimism, making the best of everything, exactly the way it is. Today I will practice the art of happiness, realizing that happiness is a decision I make.  I am determined to look for what is good in every situation and circumstance, and I will find it. No matter how great the challenge, I will know there is a pony in there somewhere and that with every seeming discourse a silver lining will make it self known. I believe that the glass is always half full, on it’s way to over-flowing, and that everything is always working out for me.  I believe that I can be, do or have anything I can imagine. I will think the best of every person I meet today, irrespective of their behavior.  I will honor and hold sacred where they are challenged, knowing they are not their mistakes.  I will remember they are a perfect child of God, a messenger of the Divine and a perfect teacher for me. I am the creator of my own experience and today I choose to see life as for me and not against me, and that what ever I appreciate, appreciates.  Today I will tap into my goodness and allow my light to shine bright.
That is my declaration.

Love, Joe : )

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Affirmation 10-8-2016


Today I realize that I am an extension of Source Energy, that which I call God and that I have access to the same power that creates worlds. I am deeply satisfied with right where I am and eager for what is to come. I now get it, that everything is right on time, exactly as it should be. I know that I am an eternal Spirit, who’s very nature is expansion and I will never get it all done. I am thrilled in the knowledge that life is just one great big sensational ride! I am so grateful to be awake, to realize there are universal laws brilliantly working on my behalf. I love that I can sift through contrasting experiences and activate within me the vibration of clarity, joy, abundance and playfulness, allowing all that is good, all that is beautiful, and all that is loving to come to me!
That is my declaration.

Love, Joseph : )

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Affirmation 10-7-2016


I declare this day to know the perfection of my being, that life is suppose to be good for me.  I am keenly aware that I have an inheritance of wisdom handed down by the ages. Today I choose to be still and call upon it for guidance.  I am also aware that I have direct access to dynamic intelligence.  Today I choose to be still and tap into this infinite knowledge for insight, inspiration and clarity.  I recognize that with God, there are no limitations and I can be, do or have anything I can imagine.  Today I live in the realm of “all things possible,” and I dwell in the land of miracles. I do this by making a decision to stop pushing against anything, I quit resisting what is and I stop paddling up stream.  I let go by simply dropping the oars and watch as my boat naturally turns itself around and begins to flow down stream. I am now allowing the River God to reveal the Truth with grace and ease, taking me to a happy, healthy, joyful and purpose filled life! I let go of struggle, fear, doubt and worry.  I am not bound by what the world tells me the statistics or diagnosis may be. My faith is steadfast and today I claim that I am under no laws but Gods.  
That is my declaration.
Love, Joseph : ) xoxoxo