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Affirmaiton 10-6-2016


Today I claim a God Presence at the center of my being.  It is the eternal essence of who I am.  It knows neither lack or limitation, fear or sickness.  Like the sun, that never stops shinning irrespective of clouds or night, this Presence is the Source of all life, that which cannot be hurt or harmed in any way.  My resilience is in direct proportion to my reliance on the Power and Presence of God.  As I align with this pure, positive, energy, it draws to my experience everything that is whole, perfect and life affirming. It is on this bedrock that I now build my house, where fear is transformed into faith, where sickness dissolves into perfect health, and where lack of any kind is now replaced and  overflowing with prosperity and abundance. I have complete dominion over all seeming discourse, over every seeming obstacle, because God Itself has no opposite. And that which is not of God, has no power over me.
That is my declaration.
Love, Joseph  : )

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Affirmation 10-5-2016


Today I set a clear intention to turn within and align with the Wisdom of God. I know this to be the same universal Intelligence that holds everything in divine right order, that keeps the planets orbiting in their perfect proximity.  It is the Wisdom directing the precise migration of the birds in the vastness of the blue sky and guiding the whales to their exact location through the immense ocean.  This Intuitive Wisdom is inherent within every cell and fiber of my being. Today I call on this divine intuition, this perfect wisdom, to guide me. I will turn within and align with God first as I ask for clarity, insight and direction.  I will intuitively feel the unmistakable  resonance of this guidance, knowing it will reveal in perfect timing, my next indicated step.  I will trust and walk in harmony with each new insight, keenly aware that something wonderful is happening, that it is a friendly universe, that Life is for me, and that God has my heart and my back.
Today I will intuitively know how to handle each and every situation that comes my way.  And now my life becomes easy, joyful and loving, an ever expanding goodness of more and never less. For this, I am really grateful… 🙂
That is my declaration for today.
Love, Joseph

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Affirmation 10-4-2016


Today I realize it is my nature to experience joy, to live a life filled with prosperity and goodness. It is my nature to expand, to want for something more, because that is the driving force behind evolution itself. It is the impulse of my unique desire that compels me into divine right action. Today I explode with enthusiasm!As I align with the Power that gives rise to worlds, I become a brilliant co- creator. Today I live with a greater abundance of freedom, health, harmony and dynamic imagination! I have within me all the resources necessary to experience financial independence. I claim this possibility for myself and for all others now, knowing we are all connected.  As I stand in this high resolve, I do so in the overflow of Gods grace. I am both blessed and a blessing to those I would meet this day. And I rejoice in the infinite possibilities that is my life. And it is a good and meaningful life, a sweet and beautiful life, a life worthy of love…And so it begins…
That is my declaration.
Love, Joseph

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Affirmation 10-3-2016

Today will be the best day ever because I say it will be.  I know that well being abounds, and that everything is always working out for me.  Today, no matter where I’m going, no matter what I am doing or who I am doing it with, it is my dominant intent to feel good. I will stay focused on the blessings and possibilities before me.  I know there is a perfect unfolding of my life as the universe continues to provide, not only for my every need, but with fresh, exciting ideas and the means to accomplish them.  And it does so in very cool and unexpected ways.  I will not restrict this Powerful Intelligence through fear based thinking. Instead I will come into full alignment with it as I allow the insights and guidance inspire me into divine right action.  I will cultivate the feeling tone of gratitude and appreciation as this day reveals it’s hidden treasures to me. And with new eyes to see and new ears to hear, I expect to find these beautiful gifts everywhere and in everything. Most importantly, I will treat each person I meet today as a sacred and holy encounter, because it is.  Yes indeed, this will be the best day ever!
That is my declaration.
Love, Joe 🙂

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Affirmation 10-2-2016

A Journey Without Distance!
Today, I will journey without effort or strain.  I release the paralyzingly stress of fear and I simply relax.  I let go of what anything needs to look like as I trust the same power that creates galaxies, to manage my life. Today I make the decision to put all the chips on the table, leaving nothing out.  And I let the worry of HOW, become the surprising experience of WOW! Today everything comes under the control of God’s Intelligence, and therefore everything is transformed into good.  I feel the perfection and harmony of a world that is in divine right order. Not one moment is out of place, not one.   I surrender to this Creative, Positive Energetic and feeling the power of my conscious contact, I can truly let go.  I let go and allow all that is good, all that is beautiful, all that is joyous and loving, come to me. And because we are all unified as one in God, peace now prevails. 🙂 My faith is complete, my conviction is steadfast, and I know I am on a journey without distance as I relax, and allow my mind to be in service of what my heart know to be true…
That is my declaration.
Love, Joseph

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Declaration 3-11-2014

Thank you for sharing these past 31 Days with me. With each declaration I found that my faith was deepening, becoming stronger. It was a powerful practice as I honored my commitment to write. I learned that by keeping the discipline, the discipline also kept me. Little did I know I was preparing for an experience that would call me to live from a deeper truth then when I began. I learned that when everything else is gone, the only thing left is God.  And God is everything. There were challenging days when I felt overwhelmed and that time had slipped away. However, knowing I made a commitment to you as well, kept me true to my promise. And in that promise, I was reminded once again about the power of a shared idea. After all, the ark was entered two by two and in 40 days a new world was born. And through my connection with you over these last 31 days, in a very real way, I too was reborn. Everyday hope prevailed and gave me a new opportunity to begin again. I am so thankful to be awake and alive and conscious. I have a remarkable life and I am surrounded by extraordinary people. (that would be you!)   It is astonishing in every way and I am blessed beyond measure…for I know that I love, and am loved.  
And I know this for you… : )
That is my declaration.
Love, Joseph : )