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Affirmation 10-20-2016

Today I am in acceptance of what is. I realize this is not resignation, but instead a powerful, non-resistant, high vibration of allowing. I will stop fighting or pushing against anyone or anything that feels like lack or limitation of any kind. I will not take a stand to defend, but I will take a stand for love. As I do this, my consciousness automatically raises into alignment with God consciousness. This is the birth place of new insights and new ideas, where solutions to problems and answers to questions now flow easily. I will focus my attention on the quality of God that is wanting to emerge through me.  Perhaps it is the quality of clarity, love, harmony or peace.  Perhaps it is a dynamic, creative impulse for a brand new vision wanting to express itself through me.  It is in this state of acceptance that I become an open channel for all that is good, allowing my blessings to flow unhindered to and through me. This is a powerful paradox. In my acceptance of what is, all things are made new.

That is my declaration.
Love,  Joseph