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Affirmation 10-18-2016


The high vibration of love is the active energy of unity, it tells us that we are all connected, that we all belong to something greater than ourselves.  Everything Responds to love, because everything Is Love.  This is the “field of gold”…that place where we sit in harmonious joy with one another.  This is the “great room” where there is no more aloneness.  This is how Iowa was transformed into heaven… : )  Through the lens of unity, of oneness, every color takes on a deep, vivid texture with a vibrancy that appears to be from another dimension.  Music not only feels more alive and beautiful, but every note resonates with a healing tone that revitalizes my soul.  This is the frequency where miracles happen, and in an instant, earth is gloriously transformed into heaven. The seeming appearance of separation now dissolves and I am at one with all that I see.  I am now at peace, I am in the flow of grace, and I know that life is eternal.

This is my declaration.

Love, Joseph