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Affirmation 10-17-2017


Today I live on the verge of immense possibility.  The thing I seek most is to feel my alignment with God, to experience the resonance of this vast power flowing through me.  It is my deepest desire to know and do God’s will. If God is love, and “will” is thought, then today I call forth love as the inspiration for my actions.  I will take time and pause throughout this day to remember that God is the Source of my power, from which all possibilities flow.  When I am afraid or in the midst of doubt, confusion and uncertainty, I will remember that fear is simply an indication I am trying “to do” it on my own.  Fear will ultimately arise when I am see someone or something outside myself as the Source of my good.  The answers and solutions I seek, the peace and comfort I long for, will be revealed and given as I return home and come back into alignment with God.  And once again, I find myself in the land of immense possibility.
That is my declaration.

Love, Joseph : )