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Affirmation 10-22-2016


I declare this day to be the best day of my life.  For on this morning I realize I am awake, that I am in fact alive and that happiness is a decision I get to make.  This morning I choose to see our world as beautiful, friendly and kind, filled with adventure and possibilities.  This is a day of gratitude.  I am so grateful for my very breath, knowing it is the breath of God breathing me as my heart beats perfectly and within it, understanding and compassion reside.  Irrespective of what anything may look like, I know and now declare that everything is working together for my highest good.  My faith is unrelenting and my conviction strong, knowing that all my needs are met in ways I cannot even see, For I know God Itself is my source and supply.  On this morning, I know that I am blessed with remarkable friendships and that I am loved in ways I cannot even begin to imagine.  Today I walk in gratitude.

That is my declaration.

Love, Joe : )