Joseph Francis Argazzi

Joseph Francis ArgazziHow It Works


How does it work you ask?  In other words, what happens during a session.

Well, our sessions can take place in person at my office and/or by phone. They can also take place on SKYPE.  Personally I prefer to meet face to face but it is by no means necessary.  Sessions are 60 minutes in length, and the frequency is entirely up to your needs.  You may also call between scheduled appointments to share a break through, success or if you need immediate support through a crisis. I want you to remember, you are not in this alone.  Though there are no hard rules here, these are some guidelines we can use.

During our session you will:

  • Set your intention for the session.
  • Be honest, open and willing.
  • Expand your knowledge and understanding of Universal Laws and principles.
  • Create and expand a daily Practice.
  • Create inspirational action based strategies that are in alignment with your personal  core values.  Thereby transforming your life spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

As your Spiritual Counselor, I will:

  • Hold the space of knowing you have all the answers you are seeking. That in truth, you are whole, perfect and complete.
  • Create a safe place of unconditional support & listen without judgment.
  • Help you stay focused on your intentions and goals.
  • Help you to stay emotionally and consciously focused with your goals.
  • Share with you my own experience, strength and hope.
  • Help you create a spiritual practice and action plan if you so desire.
  • Offer Philosophical/Spiritual Perspectives /My own Experience.
  • Offer tools for further learning /growth/study and expansion.
  • Be your personal cheer leader!  Which I am pretty good at!

We will set a pace that is comfortable for you. I am very clear that YOU have the answers within you already. You will become empowered as you discover what they are and take the necessary steps to live them.  I know you can experience these desired changes and fully live the magnificent life you are seeking.