Joseph Francis Argazzi

Joseph Argazzi - Spiritual CounselorWelcome!

Being human isn’t always easy, and sometimes it’s difficult to find our way through alone.  When life gets complicated and becomes challenging, sometimes you need help navigating, as you discover a deeper understanding of who you are.

Challenges in life often come from old ways of coping that created limited belief systems. These coping skills may have served you well in the past and may have even saved your life, but now are the very thing keeping you from feeling present, fulfilled and satisfied.  Our most challenging times can also be our greatest opportunities for growth.  Here is the really good news.  The healer and creator reside within you, therefore the solutions and answers you seek also reside within you!  As a spiritual counselor, I offer practical tools to help you discover those answers and solutions.  You will gain both clarity and insight as you discover a new found freedom from old limited belief systems.  These are often formed early on from your family, cultural and societal histories. With a new and fresh perspective, you will create a daily practice based on a new belief system, one that sets you free from the bondage of your past and allows your life to soar as you evolve into a stronger, clearer, happier, more resilient and authentic you.

As my teacher Michael Bernard Beckwith has said, I believe there is something magnificent about you.  Regardless of what has happened in your life, the moment you begin to think properly, that “something” that is within you, will begin to resonate and emerge.  It will protect you, direct you, sustain and guide you in creating the life you know in your heart you were meant to live, if you let it.  And because you have asked, it will be given.  No exception!

Along with being a spiritual counselor, I am also a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, through The Grief Recovery Institute. The Grief Recovery Method is a very specific, action based program. So please go to that page for details.

Below are some of the other areas we may be able to work together on (click category to learn more):

Together we will create a unique open-heart based process to help you move from feeling powerless in your life (like a victim), into your natural state as a clear, deliberate, focused and conscious creator.

What could not be healed, heals. Limited thoughts are replaced by resourceful thinking based on the understanding and practicing of universal laws. Emotional dysfunction begins to fall away and you’re left knowing and moving towards your highest vision of yourself. You will learn how to cultivate and access your true nature, unlimited in wisdom, intelligence, joy, creativity, passion, abundance and love. Because that is who you are. This is not just wishful thinking! This is results based, otherwise, what’s the point!  I am 100% committed to your growth and happiness and I know that any and everything is possible, because I’ve seen it, I’ve experienced it, and I know you can too!

As my teacher and friend Abraham would say, “There is great love for you here.”




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