Joseph Francis Argazzi

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GLBT Empowerment

As a gay man, part of my personal mission in life is to help the GLBT community heal their lives from guilt and shame while empowering them to live their dreams to the fullest. This process may include coming out and creating strong support systems that include healthy programs and mentorship through both the community and GLBT organizations. I believe an important part of the journey is to heal homophobia by embracing a new concept of God/Spirit that is both loving and accepting of who you are. This creates a new paradigm and perspective for self love and self respect. This also creates an opportunity for you to discover your own values and morals that are not predicated on religious, societal, cultural or subcultural influences. In other words, you take an inward journey to discover what your truth is, what your core values are. It is important as they now become your personal Declaration of Independence. Now you are free from others opinions and have a new foundation for living your life. You know who you are and can step into your own power and explore your unique talents and gifts as you discover your life’s purpose and passion!

Taking the wonderful quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, as your personal motto: “This above all else, to thine own self be true.” It just doesn’t get much better than that!