Joseph Francis Argazzi


Spirituality & Meditation

There are many paths one can take.  Over the years, my experience has taken me down several of those paths and what I know for sure, is that as I grow and evolve, so does my experience and understanding of spirituality. I will tell you now, it has been the source of my greatest challenge and my greatest joy.  Today I like to think of my life as a beautiful dance between my humanity and divinity. I have discovered that it is a beneficent, kind and compassionate universe.  No two people are alike, we are each unique expressions of the Divine Source, so our spiritual  experience is also highly individualized.  Therefore your journey will be a unique experience.  Our work in this field is to discover a path that resonates for you and create a daily practice that is both fulfilling and insightful.  A path that at it’s best, is both inspiring and practical, so it becomes a way of life.  Your way of life…

Meditation will become a component of your daily practice, so together we will explore and discover a modality of meditation that works best for you.  One that resonates and opens your heart to the infinite intelligence and wisdom that resides within you.  The purpose of life is joy, and for me it has been one big paradoxical adventure!  I look forward to traveling this road with you!