Joseph Francis Argazzi


Who I Am

My commitment and personal experience with recovery, including sobriety, began in 1985. Along with my curiosity and passion for learning, I earned a degree from Agape University in Los Angeles, California specializing in Spirituality, Transformational Studies and Leadership, where I have co-facilitated classes since 2008. I had the honor to serve as the Spiritual Director for Alternatives Recovery Center in 2006 and taught recovery through spirituality at One 80 Recovery Center in Los Angeles.

I am a Licensed Spiritual Counselor at the Agape International Spiritual Center under the direction of Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith and a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist with the Grief Recovery Institute of Los Angeles. Ever the student, I’ve been studying with Abraham-Hicks since 2005 and have been a student of A Course in Miracles since 1992. I have a private practice in Los Angeles, California – Seattle, Washington and London, England.  My purpose, privilidge and absolute joy is to engage, inform and inspire people into becoming their most creative, loving and authentic self.

So, you may be curious to know what working with me is like.  Well, it’s like having me as your very own personal coach and cheer leader all rolled into one.  We will develop a unique and powerful partnership to discover any limited beliefs that may be holding you back. Often subconscious, these limited beliefs (many from childhood) are in part, what is keeping you from fully living the life you honestly desire. I want you to know that you can literally transform those limited beliefs by consciously acquiring and practicing new beliefs.  You see, a belief is simply a habit of thought. That’s it. You will also learn how to practically connect to your powerful intuition by using your emotional guidance system.

You are a magnificent, (vibrational), spiritual being inside a human body! And nothing and no one can keep you from fulfilling your life’s purpose, desire and dreams. The truth is, you create by default or by design.  The choice is now yours.  No one else can do it for you.  Only you. We live in a world of unlimited possibilities.  And you can be, do or have anything you can imagine!  

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